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Hey, I'm Jatin Mehta

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.


Making Uselessful Stuff

I’m a builder at heart trying to create software people enjoy using, creating content about technical topics, and tinkering with hardware.

Also I like reading.

Sometimes Always Learning

Currently, I am in second year of studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and overall, it has been an amazing experience. Ever since high school, I had aimed to get into UWaterloo and having been in Waterloo, I have gotten to learn so much more about technology and software from a first levels approach.

Apart from school, I try to push myself (not always successfully) to learn more about philosophy, music and anything else that seems interesting to me.



Cradle is an early stage crypto-gaming that I joined as the 8th employee as a no stack full stack engineer where it grew from 0 to over 10k users. I have worked 2 co-op terms and part time over the span of 1.5 years at the company.

Some cool accomplishments were:

  • Designing and developing security architecture using SSS to allow multi-device logins without storing private keys.
  • Worked as the primary developer on a Flask API that serves all company products and was used for a demo for a $4M Series A.


MIT Driverless is a student club collobration between MIT, Pitsburgh, Rocheter and Waterloo that competes in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (Las Vegas, Indiannapolis, Monza).

Im a part of Simulation and Infrastructure team that aims to optimize the developer experience of the other subteams (Perception, Controls, etc.) by maintaining and updating the tech stack (Docker, ROS2, Asseto Corsa, LGSVL).


I worked on experimental AR features to create an interactive online shopping experience during the pandemic for the e-commerce company Zappos (owned by Amazon). I also was a part of the Machine Intelligence team worked on implementing image segmentation models for foot recognition. It was mind boggling watching my work be deployed into the Zappos mobile app beta used by millions of people.

The internship strucutre was very unique and unstructured and allowed for rapid experimentation!


Fundamentals First

Honestly, I started this blog to force myself to learn technical concepts on a semi-regular basis. Since I’m going to read about them on my own time, why not write an article about it? I explore topics I’m curious about while trying to consolidate my learnings into a (mostly) concise and enjoyable introduction to these ideas.

Also, I am very prone to slacking of on consistently writing for the blog, so if you dont see any articles published in the past few weeks, remind me please.


When I moved to Canada I became vaguely aware of the vast number of extrcurricular activities available for students. However, I found it hard to find extracurriculars related to areas I was interested in.

Hence, I found myself with a lot of spare time when COVID first hit and I tried to get out of my slump by creating what eveentually became OppHub.The website received 10,000 unique visitors in over 25 different countries with a peak of 600 unique monthly users along with more than 500 unique opportunites.

OppHub will always hold a very special place in my heart as it was the first webapp I ever made and first exposed to the sheer possibilities of software development, despite innumerable times I wanted to punch my wall in the process of its development.

Wall of Projects

This is just supposed to kind of emulate a wall with post its for each project that comes. Its not supposed to be super organized, just something people can hover over/click and learn more about.

If anything on this page intrigued you and you want to learn more about or just have a chat, my inbox is always open.
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